Ionic framework is used to develop hybrid app. we can make ios, android and windows app at a same time.

what are the features of ionic framework?
1. we can use either capacitor or cordova plugin
2. Having great predefined UI.
3. Reusabilty of code and deploy in different machine i.e cross platform.
4. set configure of project start either angular or reactjs

Prerequisite ionic project
1. make sure, we have node installed in your system
if not a present node in the system go to given link and follow the steps of given link to install it.

Let’s start the ionic framework

make a new folder with any name, open command prompt or terminal on the location of folder directory, and type command.

npm i -g @ionic/cli@latest

After installation, simply run

ionic start
command to start ionic project

it’s ask for more options. To select a framework for your new app. So you can select “angular”.

choose angular framework for ionic project

After selecting framework. it would ask for project name, So you can type any project name such as “ionic-quick-start”

how to start ionic project

After that, it’s asking for starter template, so basically you can use arrow up and down to select your template . Let’s i am choosing “tabs”.

how to select tabs templat in ionic project

After that you can select which plugin method you want to use. Currently i am selecting cordova plugin , so i am typing “N” .

choose cordova plugin on setup ionic project

After that, we need to move on the created directory. So I will type “cd project_name”. Here cd means ‘change directory’

cd ionic-quick-start
command to run ionic project

After that, you need to serve your project , so you can type “ionic serve” to run project and output would be appeared on “localhost:8100”

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