execute python program in android devices

Basically , most of user want to learn python language , If you want to excute python program in android devices . Let’s Follow my steps

First you can go to play store and search “Termux” App .

execute python program in android smartphone

After installation of “termux” app. Open termux app and type

pkg intall python

After installation of python packages, Then Type “python” in terminal. So you have seen python prompt is open successfully. , For closing the python prompt, you type “quit()” and hit enter(return) key.

Now you need run , python program so you open editor in termux terminal . Such as “vi file_name.py”. you have seen vi editor is opened with file name. After we need to write some python code such as.

print (“Hello gitsof.com”)

After write your code. you will save it using type “ESC” key then type “:wq” . It means you want to save and quit.

Finally, you will comeback on termux terminal and type.

python file_name.py

if you want to more, how to execute python program on taking clone your project from GitHub. Please watch given below video.

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